Coria’s Gastronomy

A journey of sensations, aromas and flavours through the best culinary experiences.

If you are a food-loving traveller, you must visit the City of Coria to indulge in its exquisite traditional cuisine primarily based on the delicacies derived from the extensive farms and meadows of Extremadura, such as the Iberian pork. Interestingly enough, this product had special importance in the rural areas owing to the Spanish “pig-slaughter” tradition, a deeply rooted artisan ritual for preparing cured meats and cold cuts, including hams, loins, spicy Spanish sausages and blood sausages, which are sold by specialised food suppliers today. Another great example is the Spanish fighting bull meat, which is in great demand across these lands and whose ancient recipes are part of our cultural identity. We strongly recommend trying the most typical dishes prepared with the meat of Spanish bull during the celebration of the Fiestas of San Juan, such as the “rabo” (oxtail stew), “guiso” (beef casserole), and “estofado” (beef stew), as well as the native Retinto beef of Extremadura that offers some of the best and purest cold cuts in Spain.

Allow us to tickle your taste buds with other ancient regional specialities like the local lamb stews “chanfainas” and “calderetas”, or the traditional shepherd’s dishes like the Extremadura-style “migas” made with fried bread crumbs, and the delicious Spanish sauces called “mojos”, as well as the marinated fish products, called “escabeches”, of boga, barbel and tench. This great variety of remarkable, succulent dishes is further enhanced by the unique recipes of the town’s modern restaurants made from the local products of Coria, such as the penny-bun mushroom, desert truffles, locally known as “criadillas”, and wild asparagus, that are particularly relished across the region. Enrich your culinary experience with the glorious traditional pastries and the artisanal conventual sweets prepared by the venerable Franciscan nuns of the Convent of the Mother of God (Convento de la Madre de Dios). In essence, Coria’s culinary tourism programme offers a taste of adventure and indulgence to those who appreciate the art of good eating, through the food festivals designed to promote the flavours of Extremadura’s pastures.


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Location: Historic Centre and Urban Area
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
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