Procession of Palms (Palm Sunday)

Blessed palm leaves and branches commemorate the triumphant entry of the Son of God.

On the morning of Palm Sunday, the cathedral’s plateresque western façade of the Pardon (El Perdón), opens one of its doors to celebrate the symbolic representation of Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, amid the tolling of bells and songs of praise beautifully performed by the Choir of Coria.

The procession starts from the Plaza de España, accompanied by the Bishop of the Diocese of Coria, and is composed of the Cathedral Chapter and the Municipal Corporation of the City Council of Coria carrying maces, after the blessing of the palms, until reaching the Holy Cathedral Church of St. Mary of the Assumption where a Pontifical Mass is celebrated to commemorate the glorious entry of the Son of God in Jerusalem, and the Eucharist, in memory of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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