Convent of The Mother of God (16th-17th Century)

Old convent walls that project the monastic silence and the religious confectionery of delectable artisan sweets.

Founded in the 13th century by the Observant Franciscan Sisters of the Third Order Regular, the present-day Convent of the Mother of God (Convento de la Madre de Dios) was probably rebuilt in the late 15th century, partly closing the side towards the Calle Monjas street, the namesake of this residence of the professed nuns. Its splendour is enhanced by an outstanding Church built upon thick masonry walls, featuring large glazed windows. The beautiful Gothic façade of the Church is crowned by a small niche displaying a stone sculpture of the Mother of God with the Infant Jesus. The sides on the other two streets, Calle de Moros and Calle del Rey, partly reveal rows of brickwork on which you can observe a series of grilles distributed in two parallel lines.

The interior of the Church has a rectangular layout, covered with groin vaults, that houses three stunning Baroque altarpieces from the 18th century. On the other hand, the charm of the simple Gothic-Renaissance cloister, featuring Mudéjar details from the early 16th century, is enhanced by its decorative pavement made with fine river pebbles. Also, the region is famous for the extraordinary skill of its nuns in preparing their typical conventual sweets.


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Location: Historic centre
Address: Calle de las Monjas, 3
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Phone: 927 50 08 16

Convent Cloister Opening Times

  • Monday to Saturday, 09.30–12.45
  • Sunday, 09.30–12.00
  • Winter evenings, 16.30–18.30
  • Summer evenings, 17.00–18.45

(Open every day of the year, except Good Friday)

Admission: €2 per person

Mass Times

  • Monday to Sunday, morning 8.30
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