International Theatre Festival of the City of Coria

Summer nights filled with the magic of performing arts in the heart of the Historic Centre of Coria.

The Plateresque façade of the Pardon (El Perdón) of Coria’s Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption (Catedral de Santa María de la Asunción) serves as a backdrop for the opening ceremony of the open-air theatre. The atrium of the main entrance of Coria’s Cathedral offers unmatched scenery for the theatrical performances that take place in summer. The fans of show business and theatre come together in the historic centre on the sweltering summer nights of mid-July.

This festival is held in the heart of the Historic Centre of Coria, which was born with success and a vocation for permanence, in a city infused with drama, which continues to support and foster the renowned theatre companies within and outside the region. Attention, everyone! The show is about the begin.

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Location: Historic Centre
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Phone: 927 50 80 00 – Ext. 290.
Silueta Ciudad de Coria