Carnival Celebrations

Masks and costumes enliven the cheerful carnival atmosphere of the City of Coria.

A popular festival whose date varies in the Christian calendar depending on the celebration of Easter, whose main attractions are the costume parades and contests organised for children as well as adults who can participate alone or as groups. These take place during the day and at night in the Urban Area of the City of Coria and attract a large number of people who come to enjoy the cheerful carnival atmosphere. The most critical point of the festival is on Ash Wednesday during the proclamation offered at the end of the famous and ceremonious parade of the “Burial of the Sardine”.

The world of masks and disguise comes to life through certain groups of people representing different collectives of the city, such as cultural and sports associations, traditional San Juan clubs, educational centres and other public services or organisations, in addition to the residents of the municipality that dedicate a lot of their free time to cutting, sewing and making their costumes eye-catching, unique and peculiar.

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