A city with a palate

One of the best ways to satisfy your taste buds is to enjoy the traditional gastronomy of the City of Coria that represents a significant part of its culture and identity inherited over the centuries. The tour of the culinary laboratory is not only epitomised by the restaurants serving traditional gourmet cuisine but also the excellent initiatives of the new fusion cuisine equipped with a broad collection of recipes of incredibly rich flavours. The exquisite classic pastries and conventual sweets add distinction to the regional cuisine of Coria.

Gastronomía Cauriense

Thanks to the great boom in culinary tourism, as a vital element of cultural immersion, certain activities have been organised to introduce these new flavours and seasonal delicacies, not only aimed at people who appreciate the art of good eating but also those seeking memorable eating and drinking experiences.

The quintessential ingredients and hundred-year-old traditional recipes prepared with great dedication are what define the delicious conventual sweets made by the reverend Franciscan nuns of the Convent of the Mother of God (Convento de la Madre de Dios), together with the long catalogue of delectable classic pastries that offer the authentic taste of excellent artisan sweets.

On the other hand, autumn is one of the most anticipated seasons for mushroom lovers since it is the ideal time to enjoy the majestic enclave that is the Historic Centre of Coria, Extremadura’s ambassador of an exquisite cuisine based on mushrooms. It is represented by the region’s main catering establishments, as well as the famous Tapas Route “Coria Sabor Micológico”, a remarkable culinary event that revolves around the exciting world of mushrooms. Through the recreation of miniature cuisine with fantastic skewers and tapas offered by the participating restaurants, it aims to promote the local flavours of the municipality.

Gastronomía Cauriense

The present is heavily influenced by the culinary past. Since time immemorial, the city has been linked with the fighting bull through the historic Fiestas of San Juan, a religious festival dedicated to Saint John. The celebration of FITCORIA coincides with the exceptional culinary contest “TauroTapas FitCoria” that receives participants from all over Spain and is aimed at promoting the Spanish fighting bull meat as a delicacy of modern cuisine, as well as protecting, conserving and stimulating the bullfighting tradition.

A seasoned and diverse gastronomic culture, with its distinguished local cuisine, offers the most fascinating culinary experiences from the rich pastures of Extremadura, such as the products derived from Iberian pork, famous for their superior quality, taste and aroma. In the tempting Tapas Route “GastroCoria Encueros”, held during the Holy Week, treat your taste buds to the fried “cueritos”, or pork scratchings, stuffed inside tacos. Among the most cherished local recipes, it connects you with the aromas and flavours that have remained intact throughout generations at the city’s main catering establishments.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria