Among bulls and pastures

A bullfighting circuit is an experience of environmentalism in its purest form, a great example of sustainability, a special tour reserved only for a few, that is now within your reach. Visit the habitat of the Spanish fighting bull, the “dehesas” or pasturelands, where you can observe this beautiful, distinguished, and iconic animal, where the rural world blends in perfect harmony with the traditions and the ancestral heritage.

A day among Victorino bulls” is an exciting tour of one of the most iconic ranches of Spanish bullfighting, a unique sensation that will awaken a range of emotions as you watch this legendary animal move freely in its natural surroundings. Face the gaze of a “Victorino” bull and feel the connection with your innermost being. An unforgettable day in this fantastic ecosystem where landscapes, bulls, horses, gastronomy, and art come together. A heart-warming and lasting experience that will remain forever etched in your memory.

A day in the fighting bull ranch” is another fascinating attraction of bullfighting tourism that invites you to relive the gratifying experiences shared during a long day in the field. It involves observing and understanding the breeding process of the fighting bull as one of the world’s oldest bovine breeds and a jewel of the Spanish cultural heritage. Make direct contact with the guardian of the invaluable Iberian pasturelands that lives in perfect balance and harmony with the native flora and fauna, helping sustain the rural population.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria