Baroque Bell Tower (18th century)

Erected on the wall of the Gospel (Evangelio) of the illustrious Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, it has a square layout and is divided into two different sections. The layout (1732) and management of the works (1733-1740) were entrusted to the famous architect Manuel de Larra y Churriguera. In 1739, the cross and the iron ball, gilded by Bernardo Carpetano, were placed at the top of the tower. To these, the locksmith Juan Arias Lancho later added the weather vane designed by Ignacio Lordelo. The set of bells from the 18th-19th centuries, colloquially known as “gorda”, “sermonera”, “alcahueta” and “pascualejas”, produces the most exquisite sounds. However, on 1 November 1755, the Lisbon earthquake caused serious damage to the cathedral building, whose tower was later repaired by the architect Pedro Sánchez Lobato and the master builders Ventura Araujo and friar José of the Holy Trinity church (1756-1760).


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Location: Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption (Historic Centre)
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