Fiestas of San Juan

A traditional festival officially declared a tourist attraction of Spain (Fiestas de Interés Turístico), that combines magic and myth with sacrifice and fire along with the cult of the bull at the arrival of the summer solstice.

The origins of this popular religious festival go back to the ancient times of the Vetton culture, an ethnic group of Celtic lineage and original inhabitants of these lands, founders of the primitive settlement of Caura, whose economy was based on livestock which led to their worship of the bull as a totem or sacred animal, as well as the worship of fire as a symbol of the sun’s rebirth.

History, culture and an ancestral ritual have together immortalised the “Bull” as the main protagonist of the Fiestas infused with integrity and passion. This spectacle is deeply rooted in the cultural identity of the people of Coria and allows them to demonstrate their hospitality while sharing their perspectives and understanding of the bullfighting in the streets of the Historic Centre. These are the hallmarks of the intangible cultural heritage of a city that was born a millennia ago, that yearns and goes out of its way, year after year, for its bullfighting festival of San Juan, that knows no age, race, or gender. All it knows is that, like every 23 to 29 June, it has an ancestral and unavoidable date with the people of Coria.

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Location: Historic Centre
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Phone: 927 50 80 00 – Ext. 290.
Silueta Ciudad de Coria