History for the whole family

The travellers who wish to discover the City of Coria have a hundred reasons to do so and must come ready to engage all five senses for a complete immersion into its past, to get absorbed into its history and imagine that life of yesteryear, closing their eyes and opening their soul to relive the past glories, the legends and mysteries that surround the ancient town of Coria.

Mantel de La Santa Cena en la catedral de Coria

Discover The Sacred Tablecloth of Coria…

To get a glimpse of this rare artefact, all you need to do is come visit Coria, alone or as a couple, accompanied by friends or family, and enter the magical Historic Centre that will take you through the hidden passages of ancient times which continue to be powerfully evocative. This historical enclave is wrapped in lesser-known mysteries and enigmas and is still riddled with questions, hypotheses, and legends, such as those surrounding the Sacred Tablecloth of the Last Supper, a universal relic of Christianity converted into a unique historical and spiritual treasure, guarded inside the Holy Cathedral Church of St. Mary of the Assumption of Coria (Santa Iglesia Catedral de Santa María de la Asunción).

A guided walk through the centuries…

Get the most authentic experience as you explore a myriad of magnificent sights of past events and glories in this millenary old town, whose memories are etched forever in its stones, preserving the original identity of other bygone eras that are waiting to be discovered. Embark on a journey into the past and witness the beginning of our primitive origins anchored in Prehistory, passing through our millenary and outstanding cultural heritage from the Ancient History that we have carefully preserved, followed by the long period of struggles and reconquests of the Middle Ages whose vestiges are hidden in the alleys of the monumental complex, until you finally make it to the development of the city in the Early Modern Period and find the Late Modern Period on your way to the present day.

Museo de la Cárcel Real en Coria

Behind bars…

The times have gone by, but continue to be present, and suddenly, they are no longer distant, as one way or another, they never completely disappeared. Like the old stories that are discovered between the robust bars of the old Royal Prison (Cárcel Real) from the 17th century, a civil prison turned into a centre of punishment and social repression, whose origins as a prison were always closely linked to the history of the city. Since its foundation as a prison through the different stages of its construction, its thick walls have been inscribed with the narrations of the implementation of countless sentences, tortures, and corporal punishments as well as the transfers to galleys and public executions, so that nothing and nobody could evade the rule of law.

Between bishops…

The times that have passed and yet present, in which the ancient ecclesiastical Seat presided the Cauriensis-Castrorum Caeciliorum as one of the oldest in Spain, as revealed by the origins of the Diocese, where its generous Bishops were elected as representatives of the Church, in the interests of nobles and kings, from the early days of the founding of the Cathedral of Coria at least during the Middle Ages, until they became the figures that marked and profoundly changed the ancient and modern history of the city, in addition to their direct intervention in the different stages of the cathedral’s construction.

Mirador de la Catedral

A bird’s eye view…

From the Baroque Bell Tower of the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption (15th-18th centuries), open as a historical viewpoint of the city, an astonishing Coria reveals itself through the Historic Centre, encompassed by all its spectacular landscapes, as an unexpected image that overwhelms the beholder, sometimes because of the panoramic beauty that is offered from this magnificent historical complex and, sometimes, through the simple imagination of its remarkable history.

Time travel is possible, all you have to do is come to the old City of Coria and feel it with all five senses—through a lonely winter evening, or in good company on a gloomy autumn afternoon, in an unexpected spring storm, or simply struck in silence by the warm light of summer—for a gratifying experience of “A Journey through the History of Coria”.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria