Enjoy the panoramic views from the viewpoints

The beauty of the landscapes surrounding the City of Coria is determined by the fine conjunction of the balanced ecosystem of these lands, to the point of becoming a paradise for the senses, teeming with charm and uniqueness within the bounds of your closest reality.

Mirador Palacio de los Duques de Alba en Coria

The City of Coria and its surroundings offer the most picturesque and scenic views of the region. The natural spaces such as the fertile meadows called Vegas del Alagón, the luxuriant Mediterranean pasturelands called Dehesa de Mínguez, the unmatched riverside forests and small havens of “Las Islas” that line the river. These are accompanied by the rich farmlands that offer their contrasting tones between the ochres of the ploughed lands and the multiple greens, goldens and purples of the sown lands in the different seasonal stages of harvest, creating a spectacular environment to tickle your senses, so you can enjoy every minute of your stay to the fullest.

For the most excellent panoramic views of the natural tourist attractions, we strongly recommend exploring the plethora of “miradores”— or viewpoints—spread across the city. The ones inside the city walls include the Viewpoints of El Cubo, the Cathedral and the Palace of the Dukes of Alba, as balconies nestled in the southwest of the historic centre that offer breath-taking views of the refreshing green landscapes, especially the fertile fields of the Alagón River that contrast with the changing colours of the seasonal vegetation of the old mountain pastures of Mínguez.

Mirador del Santuario de la Virgen de Argeme

Outside the city walls are the Viewpoints of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Argeme, the Alto de la Dehesa de Mínguez and the Alto del Sierro, natural balconies with stunning views of the local flora and fauna. From their elevated enclaves, they flaunt a brilliant polychromatic effect in the different seasons of the year. Not only can you admire the municipality’s expansive pasturelands and farmlands from these points but also marvel at the millenary and historical Monumental Complex of the City of Coria.

In essence, idyllic places that make a magical natural spectacle to tickle your senses as you witness romantic sunsets and experience a whole new world of sensations during your stay.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria