Puerta de San Pedro (1st Century)

North-eastern Gate of the Roman City Walls, declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument on 3 June 1931.

The Puerta de San Pedro (NE)—or St. Peter’s Gate—has been known by many names throughout Coria’s history, such as Puerta del Sol, or Gate of the Sun, due to its cardinal disposition during the birth of the luminous star; Puerta de la Corredera, for its location being adjacent to this road; and Puerta de San Ginés, for its proximity to the shrine of this saint. Today, it is the namesake of the holy apostle whose shrine still stands in the plaza.

Its structure has retained the unmistakable features of its original Roman construction, which can be observed when entering through the semi-circular double arch. The entrance is separated by an opening, possibly for the insertion of a portcullis, and is flanked by a cube-shaped tower on each side. Finally, a brick groin vault covers the section corresponding to the haunches, while the walls that join the two towers were recently restored during the contemporary era.



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Location: Historic centre
Address: Plaza de San Pedro, 7
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Silueta Ciudad de Coria