Holy Week

A natural scene where you can watch the different floats depicting Passion, Death and Resurrection in the Historic Centre of the City of Coria.

This religious festival is dependent on the lunar cycles and, as a ritual, commemorates the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, passing through the streets of the Historic Centre of the City of Coria with a tradition inherited over centuries. In this natural scene, you can appreciate the beautiful religious art, masterfully carved in wood, as it steals the show in the winding streets of the walled enclosure. Admire the spectacular architectural landscape that evokes the mythical Jerusalem as the processions pass by the ancient Roman City Walls that surround the city.

As a fusion of culture and tourism, this is the perfect opportunity to discover the charms of this magnificent Monumental Complex that offers an unmatched setting for the representation of the liturgical procession. The ornate floats, carried by the Confraternities of Penitents of the Holy and True Cross, the Holy Christ of Health, the Holy Christ of the Afflicted, the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fair Love, and the Risen Christ and Our Lady of the Rosary, enhance the artistic beauty of such venerable images that pass in procession through the historic centre in sacred acts of commemoration, reflection and respectful silence. This is also the ideal moment to appreciate the universal and special relic of Christianity that is the Sacred Tablecloth of the Last Supper, guarded in the Holy Cathedral Church of St. Mary of the Assumption (Santa Iglesia Catedral de Santa María de la Asunción) since ancient times.



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