Route of the Old Colonial White Towns

The special experience of immersing yourself in the rural world.

Let these whitewashed towns enchant you with their rural charm and take you on a journey to the past in a world of slow-paced life, where nature meets tradition, in this unusual and unmatched experience that you really should not skip.

Amid these rural landscapes, meet the local people who live in perfect harmony with the environment, indulge in delicious homemade food prepared with pure and natural ingredients, participate in festivities, and observe the most deeply rooted traditions and, while you’re at it, spend a lovely vacation in nature to experience agritourism. The old whitewashed colonial towns of Rincón del Obispo and Puebla de Argeme districts are located in the fertile meadows or Vegas of the Alagón River, within the main irrigated areas of Extremadura, where seasonal crops fill the rich arable lands with a broad spectrum of colours and are responsible for their prosperity and sustenance.


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Location: Municipal Territory of Coria
Municipality: 10811 Puebla de Argeme and Rincón del Obispo (Coria-Cáceres)
Silueta Ciudad de Coria