Coria: Bird Lovers’ Paradise

A privileged region ideal for bird watching and appreciating the beauty of nature in its purest form.

The surroundings of the City of Coria are composed of truly charming and extraordinary natural spaces, where the beauty of their landscapes is represented by the clever composition of the flora and fauna in a perfect state of ecological balance.

With the diverse birdlife that inhabits these environs, you will be able to find several typical species of the Mediterranean forest that coexist in the prolific pastures of Dehesa Boyal de Mínguez, including raptors, such as griffon vulture, black kite, red kite, booted eagle, common buzzard, northern goshawk, Montagu’s harrier, crow, red-legged partridge, common wood pigeon, Eurasian collared dove, common quail, Eurasian hoopoe, European bee-eater, crested lark, spotless starling, tawny owl, wheatear, and Iberian magpie. The lands are also home to the most typical species of the riverside forest that live and nest in the abundant vegetation growing on the banks of the Alagón River, such as grey heron, great cormorant, little egret, mallard, common moorhen, Eurasian coot, avocet, black- headed gull, little bittern, common kingfisher, common sandpiper, oropendola, great spotted woodpecker, Spanish sparrow and Eurasian tree sparrow. You can also spot several rural species in the cultivated rainfed and irrigated fields surrounding the white colonial towns, such as white stork, barn owl, little owl, Eurasian scops owl, cattle egret, northern lapwing, common cuckoo, common blackbird, mistle thrush, Sardinian warbler, Eurasian magpie, southern grey shrike, woodchat shrike, Iberian magpie, white wagtail, European goldfinch, European greenfinch, European serin, black redstart, European robin, common nightingale, great tit and Eurasian blue tit. Finally, among the various urban species that populate the Historic Centre, nesting in the most emblematic buildings of the Monumental Complex, are lesser kestrel, western jackdaw, common swift, sand martin, barn swallow and house sparrow.

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Location: Municipal Territory of Coria
Municipality: 10811 Puebla de Argeme (Coria-Cáceres)
Phone: 927 50 80 00 – Ext. 290.
Silueta Ciudad de Coria