Walking the trails of Coria

A land converted into a watchtower of the inexhaustible Alagón Valley, which serves as a viewpoint of fantastic roads and trails. Embrace your curious side by exploring any of the five routes or roads that are easy to access and are suitable for all. Treat your senses to the spectacular natural surroundings and discover the Lands of Coria while you enjoy the excellent health benefits of hiking, cycling or horse riding.

ItiWith our exciting itineraries, appreciate the gorgeous landscapes encompassing this historic city. Heading north, the ancient Dalmatia Route (Vía Dalmacia) runs along part of the old Roman road that, as a secondary road, joined the Vía de la Plata, or Silver Route. Towards the east, the Sanctuary of Argeme Pilgrims’ Route runs along another ancient Roman road that currently links with the district of Puebla de Argeme. In the southeast direction, the Rincón del Obispo Hiking Trail, as an old estate under the episcopal title, joins today with the district of the same name. While heading south, the Dehesa Boyal de Mínguez Hiking Trail extends across an enchanted pathway of shapes, sounds and colours that you must definitely not miss. Finally, heading west, the contemporary Route of the Channels offers an extraordinary panoramic view of the Historic Centre of Coria, a natural balcony that narrates its history.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria