Culinary Competition “Taurotapas FITCORIA”

The experience of treating yourself to the Spanish fighting bull meat in a fusion of creativity and tradition.

A pioneering competition in the so-called bull skin that is Spain, this event is designed as an unusual culinary-cum-bullfighting contest and coincides with the celebration of the famous International Bull Fair of the City of Coria (FITCORIA) in mid-March. This fair serves as a common platform for the professionals and enthusiasts of the world of bullfighting and is packed with all kinds of interesting activities including promotions, food tasting, conferences, exhibitions, as well as musical, equine and bullfighting shows.

This event focuses on promoting the Spanish fighting bull meat, not only for haute cuisine but also the regular diet since it can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. The main purpose is to introduce this sustainable natural product derived from excellent livestock raised in extensive freedom in the Spanish pastures, which adds immense nutritional value to it, earns it the distinguishing status with the seal of Designation of Origin as a pure native breed, and makes it important from the perspective of biodiversity, sustainability, tradition and quality over other foreign meats. Savour the natural products of Extremadura’s pastures through some excellent delicacies offered by the city’s restaurants, whose main highlights are the succulent dishes prepared with Spanish bull, such as “estofado” (beef stew), “guisado” (beef casserole), and “rabo de toro” (oxtail stew). Experience the local tradition of “going out for tapas” to different restaurants by participating in the “TauroTapas FitCoria” competition. This is a great way of meeting new people while snacking on these miniature recreations of the most traditional, the most innovative, and the most fascinating recipes.


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