Explore the surroundings

During your visit, we encourage you to engage all five senses to truly feel the powerfully evocative Lands of Coria nestled in the heart of the Alagón Valley region.

Poblados de Colonización Ciudad de Coria

From our beautiful land of contrasts, we recommend exploring an enchanting route of the old colonial white towns or a rural tour of the Puebla de Argeme and Rincón del Obispo districts located within the administrative region of the City of Coria and are among the best examples of the local and rural charm of Extremadura.

The excellent connection of roads and highways in our region allows you the flexibility to drive at your own pace. Enjoy a stress-free journey through multiple stopovers and explore other charming sites as you make your way to our charming old colonial white towns, where time seems to have stopped, waiting to be explored by ecotourists. After a quick and comfortable visit, continue your journey towards the other interesting districts, cities, towns, and natural environments close to the City of Coria, among the best tourist destinations in the north of Extremadura.

Experience magic in the millenary landscapes of the prolific Alagón Valley region and explore the rich heart of Extremadura as it reveals a long-lived historical and natural heritage, tantalises your taste buds with its local cuisine, amazes with the finesse of its craftsmanship, and gratifies with the hospitality of its people. Get carried away by the immense beauty of its fantastic geographical features such as the crags and ridges of Canchos de Ramiro.

Meandro del Melero Las Hurdes

To the north, the western side is closed by the Sierra de Gata region, a majestic environment composed of unique aspects that will delight you with the historical, natural, gastronomical, artisanal, and ethnographic heritage which is still preserved by its people and is etched in their memory. On the eastern side, another historical and natural region, Las Hurdes, offers you the most spectacular natural landscapes in Extremadura. At this point, it would be a great idea to activate the “slow” mode so that you can soak up its peaceful surroundings, towns, villages, traditions, and excellent local cuisine.

To the east, and almost a stone’s throw from the City of Coria, the Ambroz Valley, the Jerte Valley, La Vera, and the Lands of Plasencia are among other important tourist attractions. Their main highlights include the Monfragüe National Park, which stands out for its distinguished wealth of fauna and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is home to an abundance of unique species, especially the Spanish imperial eagle, golden eagle, black vulture, griffon vulture, and the black stork, that attract ornithologists from all over the world.

To the south, the robust Lands of Tagus treasure the cultural jewel that is the Old Town of Cáceres, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Erected on its own merits in one of the world’s most important complexes of historical buildings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this is a must- see attraction for the visitors, in addition to the beautiful Historic Centres of Brozas and Alcántara. And finally, to the west, the imaginary frontier of the Beira Baixa has established itself as one of the most interesting destinations for rural tourism in Portugal, our neighbouring country.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria