Cadenetas Municipal Park

A perfect setting for skating enthusiasts, with a plethora of shapes and colours, this nature and sports park is sure to tickle your senses.

The City of Coria offers an abundance of green spaces for pleasant walks, relaxation, sports, and all kinds of recreational activities to the locals and tourists alike. Vast expanses of greenery are dedicated to leisure and recreation, like this huge park, that boast a rich and diverse native as well as non-native flora, beautifully blended in and adapted to our climatic conditions.

The Cadenetas Municipal Park, inaugurated on 11 May 1995, was conceived as a vast area for leisure and recreational use in the western part of the city centre to initially house a wide variety of now- disappeared bird species along with the plants scattered around the walkways, fountains, pergolas, children’s play area, kiosks, and viewpoints. These facilities have been converted into a recreational environment for people to enjoy skateboarding and other sports on wheels since 13 December 2019 when it was inaugurated as the largest skate park in Extremadura, and one of the largest in Spain, occupying a total surface area of 1,522 m2. Here, skateboarding enthusiasts can practise “pooling”, which has its genesis in the dried California swimming pools whose curved walls were used for riding skateboards, and “skate-plaza”, composed of transitions in the form of jumping ramps that mimic the handrails, benches and edges of urban furniture of cities.


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Location: Urban Area
Address: Paseo de la Isla, s/n
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Silueta Ciudad de Coria