Foundation of the Cathedral of Coria

There are no vestiges either of what must have been the Arab mosque that replaced the Visigoth Christian church, erected in the city during the early years of the Muslim rule in the Iberian Peninsula (714). It was not until June 1142, when the Castilian-Leonese king, Alfonso VII (1126-1157), also known as The Emperor, reconquered Coria and definitively restored the Episcopal See, through Bishop Íñigo Navarrón (1141-1156), granting the foundation of a new Cathedral, by royal privilege, that would receive the title of Saint Mary. A privilege that was confirmed years later in 1261 by another Castilian-Leonese king, Alfonso X (1252-1284), also known as The Wise, in Seville.


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Location: Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption (Historic Centre)
Address: Plaza de la Catedral, 5
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Phone: 927 50 39 60
Silueta Ciudad de Coria