Enjoy the festivals and events

The City of Coria is a cultural gateway that passionately celebrates its inherited rituals and festive traditions since time immemorial. And to get the most out of your visit, regardless of your age and whether you come alone, as a couple or as a group, we propose a different way of travelling, exploring and enjoying another kind of tourist attractions that are just as special, amazing, magical, fun and relaxing. Embark on a journey of undiscovered emotions through culture, leisure, adventure, or simply, meditation, as you treat yourself to the multitude of festivals and cultural events celebrated in our region throughout the year.

A date with history and culture, such as the age-old bullfighting ritual with its own, authentic and genuine hallmark that has immortalised the ‘Bull’ as the main protagonist of the traditional Fiestas of San Juan, celebrated in honour of Saint John. Every year from 23-29 June, amid the joy and excitement of the people, this magnificent creature becomes the lord and master of the streets and squares of the Historic Centre of Coria. And whoever comes to experience San Juan, comes back again to relive the magic!


The region shares a millenary relationship with the fighting bull that is also manifested in the International Bull Fair of the City of Coria, FITCORIA, a cultural, social, economic and tourism event that serves as a common platform for the professionals and enthusiasts of the world of bullfighting. Held in March, it is packed with all kinds of activities including conferences, promotions, exhibitions, tours, as well as musical, equestrian and bullfighting shows.

The cityscape steeped in enigmas and enchanting mysteries is turned into a natural scene for the Holy Week celebrations, where you can appreciate the ornate floats of religious art masterfully carved in wood that steals the show in the unmatched setting of the Monumental Complex of the City of Coria. This week, infused with faith and passion, is the ideal time to discover the Sacred Tablecloth of the Last Supper. A perfect opportunity to experience cultural and spiritual tourism in which you can witness the enchanting procession that goes through the ancient Historic Centre, starting from the morning of Palm Sunday with the Procession of Palms. The ritual continues with the processions that irrupt into the street at nightfall: the Procession of Blessed Virgin Mary of Fair Love (Palm Sunday), the Procession of the Holy Christ of the Afflicted (Holy Monday), the Procession of the Way of the Cross of Cáritas (Holy Tuesday) and the Procession of the Holy Christ of Health (Holy Wednesday). These are then followed by the Procession of the Lord’s Passion” (Holy Thursday) that starts under the twilight, the Procession of the Way of the Cross to Calvary (Good Friday) at dawn, the Procession of the Holy Burial (Good Friday) in the afternoon, and the Procession of Solitude (Good Friday) at night. The celebration concludes on the morning of Easter Sunday, with the Procession of the Meeting”.

Festival Internacional de Teatro de Coria

However, if you have not yet chosen the destination of your well-deserved summer vacation, the City of Coria has another plan in store that takes you away from the bustle of touristy places, whose main focus is to engage your senses. The International Theatre Festival, which begins in July, features outdoor theatrical performances whose open stage on starry summer nights is set up at one of the most emblematic places in the city, the Cathedral’s Plateresque entrance of the Pardon (El Perdón). Let the talented artists hold you spellbound with fascinating performances where they portray ancient as well as modern-day figures. Come and see for yourself, the show is about to begin!

Your search for an ideal place to discover new sensations ends here with the plethora of interesting events organised for your entertainment. Embark on a journey to all things local with Agosto Turístico, a tourism programme held in August where you can get to know and appreciate this city from within. The month is infused with activities to suit all tastes and ages and begins on the first Sunday of August with an adrenaline-packed adventure that is the famous Descent of the Alagón River. The fun continues with the celebration of music and culture through the International Guitar Festival of the City of Coria that has converted into one of the most important cultural events in Extremadura and the wide panorama of music festivals in Spain.

Noche de la velas en Coria

As a world of passionate chords and musical sounds interspersed with the streaks of lights and colours, it raises the curtains of a universal stage that is the atrium of the Gospel (Evangelio) and the square of the Cathedral of Coria, inviting you to cross the threshold of the Historic Centre. It is a prelude to that enchanting summer rendezvous in August, the “Night of the Candles”, an artisan market in which hundreds of candles illuminate the city and where you will find musicians, buskers, artisans, barmen, grocers and vendors amid the hubbub of the people. This excitement continues well into one of the most endearing nights of the year followed by the famous tourism festival “Jueves Turístico”. As a morning artisan market, it offers a rich and diverse programme charged with culture, music and sports where you are sure to find several opportunities to engage all five senses for a complete experience.

With the arrival of autumn, the City of Coria becomes a popular destination for mushroom lovers and an excellent source of inspiration for mushroom-based gourmet cuisine from the kitchens of the region’s main catering establishments. You can indulge in delicious appetisers, tapas and typical dishes made from exquisite mushrooms, enjoy guided mushroom walks through the countryside, or take guided tours of the historic centre during the annual cultural tourism event, Coria Sabor Micológico.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria