Episcopal Palace (17th Century)

Former episcopal residence and lodging, currently dedicated to offering tranquillity and well- deserved rest to the tourists.

According to the inscription on the stone frame of the main doorway, the Episcopal Palace (Palacio Episcopal), located in the square known as Plaza de la Catedral, was rebuilt over the old Episcopal Residences by order of Jerónimo Ruiz Camargo (1622-1631), the illustrious Prelate of the Diocese of Coria, in 1628. The building, divided into two floors, exhibits a very uniform structure as can be deduced from its extensive whitewashed façade that occupies the entire front side of the square where the Cathedral is located. The ground floor features an entrance completed with granite lintels and a series of grilles adorned with granite ashlar masonry that are replaced by balconies on the upper floor, while a thick moulded cornice gives a finishing touch to the entire structure.

Courtyards, gardens, stables and livestock pens together closed off the backside of this Palace, which still retains its stylish cylindrical brick tower covered with a dome that served as a dovecote and that breaks the uniformity and horizontal symmetry of the property with its northern angle. A foundation of episcopal patronage that has been restored and revived as a hotel where comfort meets history.


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Location: Historic centre
Address: Plaza de la Catedral, 1
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
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