Explore the world of bullfighting

The City of Coria is a paradise of thrills and experiences, where we offer a world of possibilities for you to create unforgettable moments infused with adventures, rituals and passions in a land that bears the stamp of the bullfighting tradition, engraved in our collective ancestral genetics.

An experiential journey based on cultural and environmental sustainability where you can immerse yourself in a compelling, amusing, and fascinating history. Discover new emotions by yourself or share them with a group, awaken the senses that have been dulled by the daily routine and let your heart be touched instead of sitting back to watch life go by, disconnected from the rural world.

Among bulls and pastures

A bullfighting circuit is an experience of environmentalism in its purest form, a great example of sustainability, a special tour reserved only for a few, that is now within your reach. Visit the habitat of the Spanish fighting bull, the “dehesas” or pasturelands, where you can observe this beautiful, distinguished, and iconic animal, where the rural world blends in perfect harmony with the traditions and the ancestral heritage.

A day among Victorino bulls” is an exciting tour of one of the most iconic ranches of Spanish bullfighting, a unique sensation that will awaken a range of emotions as you watch this legendary animal move freely in its natural surroundings. Face the gaze of a “Victorino” bull and feel the connection with your innermost being. An unforgettable day in this fantastic ecosystem where landscapes, bulls, horses, gastronomy, and art come together. A heart-warming and lasting experience that will remain forever etched in your memory.

A day in the fighting bull ranch” is another fascinating attraction of bullfighting tourism that invites you to relive the gratifying experiences shared during a long day in the field. It involves observing and understanding the breeding process of the fighting bull as one of the world’s oldest bovine breeds and a jewel of the Spanish cultural heritage. Make direct contact with the guardian of the invaluable Iberian pasturelands that lives in perfect balance and harmony with the native flora and fauna, helping sustain the rural population.

Get close to the fighting bulls…

The City of Coria is home to several leading and pioneering companies that specialise in bullfighting tourism and offer you the privilege of an up-close encounter with the fighting bulls wandering freely in their natural environment. Visit the estates where Extremadura’s most important herds of fighting bull graze.

Today, Extremadura is the queen of pastures, the oak groves, and the bull. In fact, more than 120 stocks of fighting bull graze in this unique and unmatched environment. This land is grateful to the ancestral species that is the fighting bull and gladly offers it the purity of its pastures, the goodness of its weather, the beauty of its natural surroundings and the care of those ranchers, farm managers, and cowherds who dedicate their lives to raising this beautiful animal, which brings ample wealth and prosperity in our region and country.

Reccorido San Juan Coria

The running of the bulls…

At dawn or late in the morning, witness the bull-running festival or dare to participate in this fascinating synthesis of colour and movement, of thrill and spectacle, that will send chills down your spine. In our age-old San Juan Festival, the bull is bull, the tradition is tradition, and the risk is excitement.

However, regardless of whether you decide to run or not, it is important to be familiar with the security measures in place, understand how the bulls behave in each stage and what are the risks faced by the runners who want to get an authentic taste of the traditional running of the bulls through the winding streets of the urban and historical areas of the City of Coria. The bull running begins at the Releasing Corral on Calle Mártires, passing through each of its stages—1st Section in Avenida Sierra de Gata, 2nd Section in Calle Encierro, 3rd Section in Plaza de la Cava, 4th Section in Rúa de los Paños, and 5th Section in Las Cuatro Calles—until finally reaching the bullpen of Plaza de Toros arena, where the bull running ends.

In essence, the unique and unmatched traditions, that are deeply rooted in our culture, are waiting to be discovered and experienced, in a safe, peaceful, and sustainable environment by keen visitors who come to learn some more about this iconic animal. Turned into the lord of the pastures and the streets from the environmental, genetic, and historical perspective, the magnificent fighting bull is sure to mesmerise you with its penetrating and defiant gaze.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria