Enjoy a walk in nature

Soak up the mesmerising natural landscapes of the City of Coria, whose Historic Centre sits by the gentle hum of the Alagón River dominated by the slender silhouettes of the magnificent Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption (Catedral de Santa María de la Asunción) and the elegant Castle of the Dukes of Alba (Castillo de los Duques de Alba), standing tall since time immemorial by the colossal Roman City Walls.

Mirador del Santuario de la Virgen de Argeme

Feast your eyes on nature’s generosity in the heart of the Alagón Valley region, where mountains, meadows, grasslands, riversides, and agricultural lands constitute a wide panorama of landscapes that encompass this millenary city.

These ecosystems, combined with the municipality’s fantastic green spaces, such as parks, gardens, and viewpoints, are designed as excellent resources for urban life and wellness. The fascinating natural surroundings are ideal for relaxation and leisure and are very well worth a stroll for the most authentic experience in any season of the year. Within the Centre for Environment Education, the intriguing and spectacular Botanical Garden, with its rich collection of flora, spread across 1.5 hectares, that is typical of the Mediterranean forest and the riverbank, is waiting to be explored.

Or take the urban routes, such as the historic road called Paseo del Camino Real that descends to the south next to the Roman City Walls until it connects with the Stone Bridge (Puente de Piedra) and directly leads you to the avenues of “La Isla”—or the Island.

Paseo de la Isla en Coria

Explore the spaces of diverse shapes and colours, transformed into charming natural tree-lined areas such as the magical riverside road and walkway known as Paseo Fluvial de La Isla where visitors can engage in recreational activities while enjoying nature. The exuberant riverside forest, equipped with a sports centre and municipal swimming pools, is an excellent area for outdoor sports. In summer, you can also enjoy water sports, such as canoeing, since it is located by the backwaters as well as the mighty waters of the Alagón River.

Explore idyllic spaces like the Tamujal Riverside Park that runs along the right bank of the river, converted into an area for walking and relaxation. Also, it is a fantastic place for birdwatchers who wish to observe and photograph the birdlife that inhabits these areas. On the other hand, for skating and skateboarding enthusiasts, the City of Coria boasts the largest skate park in Extremadura and one of the largest in Spain, the Cadenetas Park. Located in the city’s urban centre, this park is perfect for children and young people who are passionate about the sport of two wheels.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria