Ancient History

It was the Vetton people, a lineage of the wandering Celtic shepherds, who founded the primitive Caura, back in the 8th-6th centuries BC. A fortified oppidum where they settled their herds of migratory cattle. During the Roman conquest and subsequent acquisition of the Iberian Peninsula, the former Vetton capital became the Castrum Caecilium Cauriensis from the 1st century BC, to a tributary state, until obtaining Roman citizenship, during the Later Roman Empire, as an integral hub of the province of the Lusitania of the Conventus Emeritensis.

The agonizing fall of the Roman Empire in the year 476, precipitated the settlement of new inhabitants from the frontier zones of the Empire—Suebi, Vandals, Alans and Goths—which allowed the ancient Roman city of Caurium to become one of the most important Visigoth urban centres in north-western Extremadura from the 6th century AD, constituted as Episcopal See as attested by the signature of the prelate “Jaquintus, episcopus cauriensis” in the Minutes of the Third Council of Toledo (589).


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Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
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