Active recreation for fitness and wellbeing

If you prefer to spend your leisure time playing outdoor sports in nature, the millenary City of Coria has got you covered. Throughout the year, the municipality of the region offers a wide range of physical, recreational and sporting activities to suit all tastes, age groups, and abilities.

Rutas Ciudad de Coria

Canoeing down the Alagón River…

A land of long-lived history, and also a land of water, that never ceases to amaze its visitors with the magnitude of nature surrounding the territory of the Alagón River. We invite you to unravel its mystery through a daring adventure that continues to be an ambitious goal but is achievable for all: canoeing down the longest and mightiest tributary of the Tagus River basin in Spain, popularly known as the Descent of the Alagón River.

Walking the trails of Coria…

A land converted into a watchtower of the inexhaustible Alagón Valley, which serves as a viewpoint of fantastic roads and trails. Embrace your curious side by exploring any of the five routes or roads that are easy to access and are suitable for all. Treat your senses to the spectacular natural surroundings and discover the Lands of Coria while you enjoy the excellent health benefits of hiking, cycling or horse riding.

With our exciting itineraries, appreciate the gorgeous landscapes encompassing this historic city. Heading north, the ancient Dalmatia Route (Vía Dalmacia) runs along part of the old Roman road that, as a secondary road, joined the Vía de la Plata, or Silver Route. Towards the east, the Sanctuary of Argeme Pilgrims’ Route runs along another ancient Roman road that currently links with the district of Puebla de Argeme. In the southeast direction, the Rincón del Obispo Hiking Trail, as an old estate under the episcopal title, joins today with the district of the same name. While heading south, the Dehesa Boyal de Mínguez Hiking Trail extends across an enchanted pathway of shapes, sounds and colours that you must definitely not miss. Finally, heading west, the contemporary Route of the Channels offers an extraordinary panoramic view of the Historic Centre of Coria, a natural balcony that narrates its history.

Deporte en la Ciudad de Coria

Wearing out your shoes in the Half Marathon…

Los amantes del running y de las medias maratones tienen una propuesta muy If you love running and half marathons excite you, we have got just the perfect thing for you. The City of Coria Half Marathon invites you to put on your favourite sport shoes and enjoy a delightful run through the most beautiful streets of the Historic Centre, whose charm is enhanced by its collection of magnificent monuments. Admire the breath-taking views of its natural surroundings through the scenic route as the spectators come out to cheer on you. Infused with a lively atmosphere, this grand sports event turns into a local running party.


A crucial birdlife habitat in the wild and natural Extremadura, the City of Coria is a paradise for bird lovers, who often choose it as their weekend getaway or a nature escape for their days off. We encourage sustainable and environmentally-friendly tourism by offering you some excellent sites for bird watching and photography, such as the banks of the Alagón River, the hiking trails in its natural surroundings and, for the other urban species, the main monuments of the Historic Centre.

Come, visit the City of Coria with your family, partner or friends, and make yourself at home while we take you on an extraordinary journey away from your daily routine and closer to your dreams.

Silueta Ciudad de Coria