Procession of Solitude or Silence (Good Friday)

There goes the Mother alone, Solitude filled with Pain, in silence accompanies her.

A silent pilgrimage of Our Lady of Sorrows carried with a sigh of misery that is born from the soul, this procession is carried out by the Confraternity of the True and Holy Cross at midnight on Good Friday, receiving the tribute of the people of Coria and all those believers who look at her in the hope to alleviate the pain.

This is the moment when the soul of the Mother of God is covered in a dark mist of sadness, leading to her “Loneliness” when she is deprived of all her goodness after her heart is buried in the grave covered with a heavy slab. Our Lady of Sorrows is pierced by seven swords and shares the pain of her Son on the Cross. She is surrounded by the offering of hundreds of handkerchiefs to console her, to dry the tears of her grief, among hundreds of tiny candles that light her way on this dark and silent night along the cobbled streets of the Historic Centre of Coria.


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Location: Historic Centre
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
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