Procession of The Holy Burial (Good Friday)

The Death of Jesus Christ who is the hope of salvation and life for men.

As the evening of Good Friday progresses and it gets dark in the City of Coria, the Union of Confraternities of the Penitents of the Holy Week of Coria, feeling the weight of the suffering upon their shoulders, accompany the Procession of the Holy Burial.

A parenthesis is opened for reflection, letting the locals and strangers in on the despair of “Solitude”. The different confraternities, the members of the brotherhoods who are dressed in their processional habits, carry the Holy Sepulchre, after the agony suffered by Christ on the Cross, to the sound of the drums that beat as an expression of mourning for the loss of the recumbent Son of God. A solemn ritual witnessed by a multitude of faithful devotees who walk in procession through the Historic Centre of the City of Coria in a sacred act of commemoration, reflection and respectful silence.



Location: Historic Centre
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Phone: 927 50 80 00 – Ext. 290.
Silueta Ciudad de Coria