Viewpoint of the Palace of the Dukes of Alba

Natural balcony of the City of Coria that looks out onto the fertile lands of Coria.

A natural viewpoint located in the southern part of the City of Coria, near the Palace of the Dukes of Alba (Palacio de los Duques de Alba) and southwest of the Historic Centre, from where you can enjoy spectacular views of Coria’s countryside composed of the beautiful surroundings of “La Isla”, the fertile irrigated lands, the pastures of the Dehesa de Mínguez, and the initial point of narrowing of the Alagón river to the west, after is passes through the famous rocky areas of Canchos de Ramiro.


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Location: Atrium of Pardon of the Cathedral of Coria (Historic Centre)
Address: Plaza del Doctor Camisón, s/n
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Silueta Ciudad de Coria