Night of the Candles

A magical scene of lights and shadows that surround the Historic Centre of Coria.

Organised as part of the Agosto Turístico tourism programme, this artisan candle market held at night is one of the most attractive nights of Coria’s summer and is a prelude to the Jueves Turístico.

It is an exciting live handicraft market of the local products, with kiosks dotting the main streets and squares of the Historic Centre of Coria. Hundreds of candles illuminate the streets, balconies and bars to create an overwhelming atmosphere with the play of shadows, lights and colours, as well as music. A multitude of people come here every year to feel the magic of this special night charged with shows and live musical performances. This programme also includes activities for the little ones, such as the running of small carts in “Encierrillo de Carretones” or a bullfighting adventure in “Toreo de Salón”, in addition to fun magic performances, as well as the musical performances, such as passacaglia in “Pasacalles de Ronda Extremeña” and dance in “Coros y Danzas” for the entertainment of adults who seek the authentic cultural experience of Extremadura. You can also discover and explore the City of Coria in a different and unique way, learning its history through the spectacular theatrical performance called “El Bululú de Don Cosme”. All this and much more to be experienced in the magical Night of the Candles, an important tourist attraction that brings in a large number of visitors from Extremadura and all over Spain.

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Location: Historic Centre
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Phone: 927 50 80 00 – Ext. 290.
Silueta Ciudad de Coria