Moorish Quarter

Historical, cultural and spiritual testimony of the Muslim people in the City of Coria.

The historic Moorish Quarter, known as “Morería”, located inside the city walls, was outlined by the three streets known as Calle Alojería, a term that derives from the public establishment which supplied the “Aloja”—a traditional refreshing drink of Muslim origin made with water, honey and spices—and Calle Albaicín, a name used to describe a terrain or neighbourhood on a height, and finally, the Calle Moros, all of which, along with some historical records, confirm the presence of the Muslim community in the municipality. This gives an insight into the coexistence and mutual influence of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures in the City of Coria for centuries, in addition to the life under the regulation of the council, summarised by the Charter granted by King Alfonso IX of León (1188- 1230) in the early 13th century.



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Location: Historic centre
Address: Calles Albaicín, Alojería y Moros
Municipality: 10800 Coria (Cáceres)
Silueta Ciudad de Coria